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In the “The brand new Serfsons,” Lindsey Naegle and you can Krusty is relationship

In the “The brand new Serfsons,” Lindsey Naegle and you can Krusty is relationship

Lindsey is described as a familiar youngsters-hater. Outraged on having paid off higher wreck fees for a certain riot the childhood had triggered, she shaped an enthusiastic anti-youthfulness classification, SSCCATAGAPP (Single men and women, The elderly, Childless Lovers and you may Young ones and you may Gays facing Parasitic Mothers), and lobbied in order to rob Springfield of all the child-friendly anything. This lady venture almost been successful, but it is actually thwarted from the past moment whenever Bart, Lisa, while the most other babies from inside the Springfield hugged every grownups, infecting these with “kid bacterium.” New adults folded having infection and you will became struggling to vote, evoking the campaign to help you fail. [2]

Lindsey was an alcohol (she said therefore matter-of-factly so you can Lenny when she is actually questioned why she was a student in Moe’s Tavern). Not surprisingly she is your head of your own Alcoholics Anonymous part in Springfield. [3]

She is often named a person in the fresh new Springfield Republican Party. not, she was once seen gonna a beneficial Democratic Team meeting. She is and additionally a member of new Springfield Book Club, and you can was the person who was the cause of town in order to fundamentally split underneath the breed of becoming involved in the dome when she tossed a text from the Helen Lovejoy, merely to for it to miss and you will pour the fresh coffees inside the the newest adjacent Alcoholics Anonymous appointment.

Lindsey has a tendency to flatly know things that would be sensed insensitive. She acknowledge to are a sexual predator, [4] and when mentioned that she dont cry on account of a botched face-lift. [5]

In “Homer Goes toward Planning College or university”, she is a member of the fresh Doomsday preppers including Gary Chalmers, Herman Hermann, L.T.