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13 COULSON And ROSALIND – Agencies Out-of S.H.I.E.L.D

13 COULSON And ROSALIND – Agencies Out-of S.H.I.E.L.D

Whenever we very first found Phil Coulson within the Iron-man , it was clear one to their performs was the most significant part of his lifetime. Dealing with Nick Outrage and also the Avengers was obviously all-consuming. Just after he turned into Director away from S.H.We.Elizabeth.L.D. he’d to make the hard sacrifices and you may solutions you to very not many people carry out actually ever know. Cue Rosalind Price, your head of ATCU, a group google search Inhumans.

Even when it start since adversaries, it immediately get better so you can teasing, then become involved. Exactly why are him or her thus heartbreaking is the fact none has actually very many those who they could communicate with towards worry of their commitments. The fact that Coulson ultimately discover an equal he could confide from inside the, simply to enjoys her perish within his hands is another heartbreaking what if within his lifestyle.

twelve Frank And you will KAREN – The latest PUNISHER

Honest Palace is actually a broken child after the death of his family relations. Due to the fact Punisher reveals the guy thinks he or she is finally monitored down all the brand new offenders and you may leaves down their firearms to attempt to select particular semblance off regular. Naturally, boys such as your never reach you should be normal and very quickly adequate he is drawn on the another conspiracy you to will bring him returning to living regarding journalist Karen Page.

With her own earlier in the day demons, Frank ‘s the simply person that Karen very suggests this lady real self.